Landlord Information

If my tenant does not pay their rent, what can we do?

We chase tenants arrears from day 1 onwards: we give the tenants a courtesy phone call advising the tenants that their rent is due and a brief letter is sent out to them, again advising them that their rent is in arrears. If the tenant still does not come in to pay the rent, letters are sent on every second day. On the 14th day, a notice of termination is sent to the tenants advising them that they have 14 days to bring their rent up to date or risk further legal action, you as the Landlord are also advised that the tenant has fallen 14 days in arrears and are kept up to date on the tenants progress on a weekly basis. Upon the expiry of the termination notice, should

the tenant still not be up to date, an application is made to the NCAT for further orders.


When are internal inspections carried out at the property?

An ingoing inspection is carried out prior to a tenant moving into the property, stating the condition of the property and fixtures. After the tenant moves in, a periodic inspection is carried out 3 months later - you as the Landlord are invited to every period inspection carried out. Should everything be in immaculate condition, an inspection is carried out every 6 months thereafter. Should something be unsatisfactory upon any of the inspections, we will contact the tenant to fix it and re-inspect the property within the next 14 days.

Once the tenant has vacated the property, an outgoing inspection is carried out within 2 working days of the keys being handed in (unless other arrangements have been made) Again, you are invited to attend this inspection.


What happens when my tenant give notice to vacate?

Once a tenant gives notice to vacate your property, the property is listed on our rental list immediately. A photo is taken and a for lease card is put up in our window and a “For Lease” sign is erected at the property. The property will also be advertised every week in the Macarthur Advertiser and Chronicle until is it leased. We give weekly feedback to you every Friday to let you know how your property is going on the rental list.


How do you protect me against undesirable tenants?

Our office has membership to four main databases Australia wide. These are TICA (Tenancy Information Centre Australia), TRA (Tenant Reference Australia), NTD (National Tenancy Database). All tenant applications we receive are checked extensively. We also check all tenants past rental references and employment history. Once an application has been checked, we contact you and take you through the application. The choice of tenant is then left up to your discretion.


How many days notice does my tenant need to give me in order to vacate?

If the lease has expired, the tenant must give 21 days written notice. If it is 14 days prior to the lease expiring, the tenant is required to give 14 days notice.


What happens if at tenant reports repairs or maintenance?

If a tenant reports any repairs or maintenance, we record this in the computer and contact you to get further instructions. Should it be an urgent repair, eg. Hot water system goes, and we cannot contact you, we will need to have this repaired, but will contact you as soon as we can to advise you of the outcome. (NB. This is a very rare occurrence). All Landlords are notified of every repair, as most landlords like to organise or carry out their own repairs.


What happens when my tenants lease is due to expire?

We notify you two months prior that your tenants lease is due to expire and ask you to complete a form or contact our office should you wish to renew the lease. We find that by doing this is saves the landlord a re-letting fee as the landlord has a fixed agreement with the tenant.